Street Shadows

Israel, Hebrew/Tigrinya, English subtitles, 50 min., 2015

One short street in southern Tel Aviv - doomed to be a home for refugees ever since it was planned - brings forth a mosaic of characters living in a hallucinatory reality of a cityscape that has its charms, but is not always kind and merciful.f

Director's statement: "My journey to Neve Sha'anan is a rummaging through the universal concept of being an outcast and the collective perception of what is a home. This is a film with no clear heroes though it is laden with heroism in the ensuing war of survival for those who have chosen to make the street their home or who have been forced to. Armed with a camera and aiming at eye level, I have set out to tell the story of this street from the point of view of those for whom the street was, is, and has become a safe haven in their broken lives.f"

Scriptwriter, Director and Producer: David Fisher
Camera: Claudio Steinberg
Editors: Yael Yakirevich, Hila Haramati
Sound: Misha Spector, Amos Zipori
Music: Amnon Fisher
Sound Mix: Moti Benny
Colorist: Aharon Peer
Line Producer: Liat Kamai-Eshed 

A Fisher Features Ltd. Production For The 2nd authority for Radio and TV