David Fisher (director/producer/lecturer) has been creating documentary films since 1989 and has gained respect as one of the leading filmmakers in Israel. Recognized by top Israeli newspaper "Yedioth Achronot" among the most influential figures in Israeli cultural life for 2005 and 2006, his documentaries are known for their deep, thorough investigations, revealing new aspects of history and contemporary society.r

 Officially selected to IDFA Amsterdam IFF, “Six Million and One” (2011), his last film, won him the Dok.fest Munich best film award, the Silver Horn for best director at Krakow, special mention at Doxa Vancouver, and opened USA screenings at the Lincoln Plaza Cinema in NYC. This film completes a family trilogy that started with the critically acclaimed film “Love Inventory” (PBS 2004 'Independent Lens' series, ARTE 'grand-format') that won both: the Wolgin Award for Best Documentary at the Jerusalem IFF and the 2000 Israeli Film Academy Award. Later came "Mostar Roundtrip" where he followed his son on an adventure of studying in a conflict ridden city in Bosnia.d

Among his other films: "Little Big Sister" - an intimate profile of Hedi Fried, a Swedish writer, therapist and holocaust survivor, with excerpts by prominent actress Bibi Andersson;   "A Shepherd's Affair" - romance & suspense among Jewish and Druze cattle growers on the Golan Heights; "Buried Alive" – an abandoned woman goes after her husband, probably a Mosad agent, who disappeared 20 years ago, selected to the Jerusalem, Leipzig, FIPA Biarritz, Montreal, and Montevideo international film festivals.a

As Director General of the New Israeli Foundation for Cinema and TV (1999-2008), he initiated and founded the “Greenhouse” programme, aimed at developing documentary films by Jewish and Arab Mediterranean filmmakers, and helped bring Israeli documentaries to international recognition with films such as Waltz With Bashir, Checkpoints and many more.f

Fisher was invited to the juries of international festivals such as: Krakow, IDFA, HotDocs Toronto, Karlovy Vary (President of doc. jury), EFA - the European Film Academy. ITVS int'l panel (San Francisco), Leipzig and Dokfest Munich.g

Fisher was among the group who established the Tel-Aviv Museum's video workshops (1989), was a visiting lecturer at the Tel Aviv University, the Beit Berl Film College and the Ma'ale film school. A 2012 USA National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) grantee for the development of the documentary film To Be Or Not To Be In Yiddish Fisher was invited by the Schusterman Foundation as an Artist in Residence and guest lecturer at Yale University' Film studies Department for the 2014 spring semester.g












.Past traumas and intricate conflicts within one family are exposed in a powerful journey

Six Million and One


17-year-old Yuval leaves Israel to attend the UWC international high-school in Mostar, formerly the Croatian-Bosniak frontline during the civil war in Yugoslavia. A year later his father, filmmaker David Fisher follows.g

Mostar Round-Trip


An attempt to solve a personal mystery, which, in the process, brings a troubled family together.d

Love Inventory


An intimate profile of Hedi Fried, a Swedish writer, therapist and Holocaust survivor. With the participation of actress Bibi Andersson. An Israel-Sweden-Romania co-production with the support of the European Union.f

Little Big Sister


Romance & suspense among Jewish and Druze cattle growers on the Golan Heights.f

A Shepherds affair


Postmodern revolutionaries of education in Israel.h

Shining Eyes


Following the meetings late Israeli Prime Minister Mr. Rabin missed in the 2 weeks after his assassination.l

Lost Days in November


An abandoned woman (“Aguna”) goes after her husband who disappeared 20 years ago. Festivals: Jerusalem IFF 96, Leipzig 96, FIPA Biarritz 97, Montreal 97.k

Buried Alive


Jonah Baumel and Eissa Hamed, two sides of the Middle Eastern fence: Israeli and Palestinian.fg



The assassination of UN mediator, Folke Bernadotte, in Jerusalem of 1948. Shot in Israel, Sweden and Germany.sd

The Mediator


The interdisciplinary excellence program versus underprivileged students program at the Tel-Aviv University.df

Parallel Tracks


The national myth and its mark on landscape - memorials for the fallen in Israel

Landscapes of Memory


Joint business ventures for Jews and Arabs.f

It’s a Deal


The story of Mr. X, secret agent Avrum Agam and his life legend.a

Mister X