Mostar Round-Trip


 Israel 2011. 73/52 min. DigiBeta                                            Hebrew, English, Serbo-Croatian (Hebrew/ English subtitles)f

Through a series of encounters, the camera reveals a great honesty and maturity,butalso moments of tension and conflict.d

A year after 17-year-old Yuval leaves home in Israel to attend the UWC international high-school, situated on what used to be the frontline between the Croatians and the Bosniaks during the civil war in Mostar, Bosnia-Herzegovina, filmmaker David Fisher, his father, follows. During three Round-Trips to Mostar, Yuval’s relationships unfold: with his father, his Israeli peers and his Spanish girlfriend, Neus. Although Yuval is far from home, this actually brings father and son closer together. Their talks reveal great honesty, maturity and openness towards one another. Footage from Yuval’s childhood resonates throughout and helps present their charming, yet sometimes troubled relations. Yuval: “You can’t expect me to feel at ease and develop intimacy when your camera is always around...”. Yuval and his roommate Salam, an Israeli Arab, have passionate political debates. Salam is a “playboy” and a charmer. No wonder Yuval brings him a sugar cube to bed, one morning after a bitter fight they had over the Israeli-Arab conflict. Far from home these youngsters learn to open up to other cultures and this changes their perception of their not so beloved neighbors. Yuval’s affair with Neus is heart-warming but doomed - because of his impending army service. This is during the 2009 Gaza War back home and Yuval voices his apprehension about the way the Israeli army is operating: “I didn’t believe in anything we did in Gaza. It all seemed like a huge bluff, just to show how strong our army is...”. At the end of this journey, David, as well as the viewers, will understand that two years in Mostar have actuallyprepared Yuval and his peers for a mature and challenging life as grownups.
Mostar Round Trip is the second film in the family trilogy created by David Fisher that also includes Love Inventory (2000) and Six Million and One(2011).h

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Jerusalem International Film Festival 2011 - World Premiere
Montreal World Film Festival 2011 - International Premiere
Crossing Europe Film Festival, Austria 2012
Belgrade Documentary Film Festival 2012
Doxa Documentary Film Festival Vancouver 2012
Auburn International FF for Children and Young Adults, Australia 2012

Critical Reception:
"Almost a dozen years after his Love Inventory (2000) in which he told the world about his family and its problems, made the festival rounds, David Fisher is back behind the camera, and once again it is a family affair through and through. The film can't help stumbling over some of the most relevant and often disturbing issues of the moment."
 Dan Fainaru, Screen International

"This film is filled with warmth and love that doesn't only exist in the father-son conversations, but is truly felt as the film moves from one shot to another. The film is unique in the way that Fisher not only observes his maturing son and their strengthening relationship, but also the way in which a documentary film is woven and constructed until it reaches its final shape and form... a must see."
 Yehuda Stav, Yedioth Ahronoth

"A wholly worthwhile lesson in active parenting."
 Meir Schnitzer, Maariv

"Not surprisingly, at times Yuval found his father’s presence – and his father’s camera and camera crew – intrusive. Fisher was reminded of a long struggle between the two over making movies, and found clips of Yuval as a very young child, telling his father to stop filming and push him on a swing."
 Hannah Brown, Jerusalem Post

"A fascinating and personal film."
 Matan Shiram, Globes
Scriptwriter. Director: David Fisher
Camera: Edan Sasson, David Fisher, Haris Zugor, Goran Kresic
Editor: Hadas Ayalon
Music: Amnon Fisher
Researcher and Line Producer: Shay Vinshalek
Associate Producer: Irit Shimrat
 Producer: David Fisher for Fisher Features LTD. d

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